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济南赢彩数码科技有限公司致力于数码喷印解决方案的探索与研究。 现已有 UV平板打印机 ,UV卷平一体机,UV卷材打印机, 圆柱体打印机 ,UV导带机等系列数码喷印设备,产品规格完善,可满足各行业数码喷印需求。产品应用覆盖了电子,玩具,五金,塑胶,礼品,广告,服装,建筑,陶瓷,玻璃,家具等众多行业,赢彩数码uv平板打印机根据各个行业不同需求提供整套成熟的应用工艺解决方案。

Jinan Yingcai Digital Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to exploring and researching digital inkjet printing solutions. There are currently a series of digital printing equipment available, including UV flatbed printers, UV roll flattening all-in-one machines, UV roll printers, cylindrical printers, UV guide tape machines, etc. The product specifications are complete and can meet the digital printing needs of various industries. The product applications cover various industries such as electronics, toys, hardware, plastic, gifts, advertising, clothing, architecture, ceramics, glass, furniture, etc. Yingcai Digital UV Tablet Printer provides a complete set of mature application process solutions according to the different needs of each industry.